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Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.
Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.
Rev. Dr.

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Professor, Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. 

presents his Journey in the search of excellence ...

I wish I knew then (age 18); 

What I know now!

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Joseph F. Landis Elementary School, Cleveland Ohio

Nathan Hale Junior High School, Cleveland Ohio

John Adams High School, Cleveland Ohio

United States Air Force, Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino

San Bernardino, Valley College

University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.)

California State University, San Bernardino

University of West Los Angeles, School of Law


I remember, when I was in the third grade. I had a teacher named Ms. Madison. She really instilled confidence in me, telling me that I would make a good attorney, maybe I talked a lot, don't know. All I remember, is that she would make us give presentations in front of the class. This was my second year in the third grade, because my previous third grade teacher. Ms. Ford, told me, "I would never amount to anything in life" and she subsequently failed me. This was a BLACK  African American female who was a horrible teacher to me. My mother wasn't use to having me yet, but eventually she got it together, to a certain extent because I use to live with my grandparents in Tuskegee Alabama, and had recently moved to Cleveland Ohio, but that's a story for another day. I recall my mother spending a lot of time with me and my studies because I had a lot of learning to catch up on. She taught me how to use flash cards which proved to be very helpful throughout my academic career. The next year, I remember getting an award for the best improved third grade student, spitting in the eye of Ms. Ford. While Ms. Madison, a real teacher gets honors and praises, showing Ms. Ford how to encourage a student to excel, instead of attempting to degrade them, anyway, she was tripping. I actually remember the look on Ms. Ford's face when I got the award, plus Ms. Madison as part of the acknowledgment gave me a turtle in a plastic Island "oasis", palm trees, a pond and a place where the turtle could roam and live. That was a cool gift!

JUNIOR HIGH (7-8) was successful because I took education seriously which prepared me to be successful in high school. 


In high school (9-12), I recall grades of A's, B's and one D, which was in Trigonometry over my entire high school experience. This "D" however, turned out to be a major obstacle because I was too stubborn to go to summer school to improve the grade. Now, I had this class with Mr. Schmidt, I believe he was my ninth grade trigonometry teacher. He was the nutty professor, but we didn't get along, not because I was disruptive in the traditional sense. It was because he would attempt these complicated matrix formulas [after showing the class how to do them] and when they would not balance. Each problem took about 15 minutes to solve and it was suppose to balance in the end. While he was in front of the class doing an example, I would tell him he made a mistake and where he made the mistake in his calculations in front of the class, halfway through the problem, he would tell me to be quiet, then when it didn't balance, he would reluctantly ask me, where is the mistake and I showed him, it balanced, then the class would become disruptive by laughing. It wasn't my fault. It was just a hobby of mine, to keep from being bored. I would study hard just to catch the teacher. like Mr. Schmitdt and ace all teacher exams. That was my goal anyway, which came close. The thing is, I kept all my grades and tests in his class in a folder and I never received anything less than a B on any of his tests. He spitefully gave me a "D" though as a final grade. I told my mother and I protested the grade, but nothing happened. I was told that I should attend summer school to get the grade changed and, I refused. Keep in mind that this is the civil rights era, that I grew up in and racism and oppression was common, before and during the Civil Rights Era. As a side note, this is when Hispanics began coming to America in large numbers in order to dilute the Black civil rights movement. We forget that part, however, in reality they created a buffer, and things began to change and although my mother sheltered us from any harsh affects within the reassuring world she created for us. As an adult, I recently realized that during this time frame in the South where I was born and relocated from, Blacks could not drink out of white fountains, Jim Crow laws, Civil Rights Movement Era. Okay, let me finish my story! 

When I graduated high school, in June 1976, from John Adams, High School in Cleveland Ohio. I was 18 years old and I had a single plan about what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew that I wanted a successful and  prosperous life but I knew that it would require hard work, commitment and discipline on my part. The only tool I had was a solid high school education and excellent self esteem [Foundation] which I discovered I possessed during my initial journey from home in the military, but I also built upon this experience by continuing to take classes to improve myself while in the military, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The other tool I possessed was the fact, my mother constantly instilled in me, that no matter what you do in life, be the best at whatever you do and, that no one is better than you. As you can see, I was also raised by my mother in a household with good moral values, discipline, structure and a firm belief in, Jesus the Christ.


I did have an early "goal" which I had set for myself, which was to become a medical doctor. I remember studying the dictionary when I was bored. "Ma, I'm bored, read a book, she always replied." My mother struggled and purchased a set of Encyclopedia's for the house. It was four of us! One sister and three brothers, including myself. This was a big blessing for our family, There was no internet, yet, or cell phones but myself, sister and two brothers now had a whole library in our home. I would go the to physical anatomy section, which had a beautiful plastic colorized depiction of the complete body and I memorized all the parts of the body, and its components "while in high school". I was a pretty good student in high school, my classes were honor classes and I earned a gold medal in gardening, 4 years straight, which I enjoy today. My granddaddy in Alabama, Eddie Sinclair was a farmer and a preacher. 

I applied to Case Western Reserve University, Medical School, in Cleveland Ohio. A very prestigious medical school. The letter denied my admission and it specifically cited that the "D" on my report card from the ninth grade. The language was burned into my psyche, it basically said, "the "D" showed a propensity toward failure". This was a serious, I felt racist blow. I had also applied to Kent State University and they awarded me a partial scholarship in their pre-med science department. I really didn't follow up on it, since my heart was already broken. I had even spent a couple of summers working in the medical research department of Cleveland Clinic, where I observed successful heart transplants and skin graphs on laboratory animals, which was an amazing experience. I knew I was ready!


At this point, my step dad, was talking about paying rent, while my mother was saying, if he goes to college, he doesn't have to pay rent. In the end, I just wanted to get away and expand my horizons and I ended up joining the United States Air Force, which was never my intention. I ended up in the grasp of a slick talking, lying, propaganda spewing recruiter. Who told countless lies and made countless over exaggerations. However, those four years turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. This was in June of 1976, immediately after the Vietnam war when our troops where still coming home. I never knew any of that at the time and the recruiter didn't mention it. I probably would not have joined having that additional information, but who knows.  

A couple of other young men on the block, including my brother, ridiculed me for joining the Air Force. I later learned that the Air Force just didn't accept anyone. You had to test your way in. This was another testament to the quality high school education I received at John Adams High School in Cleveland Ohio. The home of the mighty, mighty rebels.  Later, I discover that my brother and another friend of mine, who lived on the same street after ridiculing me for joining, had also joined the Air Force as well. The only way I discovered my brother had joined, was when I saw him on base one day when we were partying, on a Friday night. I said, "wait a minute, that's my brother over their". Of course we partied that night, didn't see him much after that, until many years later. That was one of the memories I will always cherish. You see as a result of the Iraqi invasion code name, "Desert Storm" and while deployed he developed some internal heart problems due to the chemical agents being used during the deployment  in Iraq and he suffered many years of mental and physical anguish before his passing. 

Okay, so after graduating High School, I joined the United States Air Force as a pharmacy technician, since I still wanted to become a doctor. I felt that if I learned about medicine and what it did [positive and negative effects], this would help assist me in obtaining my objective. As a pharmacy technician, I received extensive pharmacology training which turned out to be a crash course in medical school. I recall starting with a class of about 50 people and when we finished only 15 students remained. It was a rigorous and time consuming class, in a subject which we were regularly tested. I recall the initial course being 12 weeks long and over the remaining four years, additional weeks of advanced training was required. We technicians were the front line pharmacists, while actual commissioned pharmacists with college degrees acted as administrators [technical advisors]. My hope in becoming a physician was rekindled when I discovered that the Air Force had a Physician Assistant Program, where they trained hospital personal to become a trained Physician Assistant. Unfortunately, this program was discontinued by the Air Force during the time I was on active duty. They later reinstated the program.


So, only a few months after enlisting and being assigned to a new base after training. I had a sergeant, who was studying to become a commissioned officer which he did accomplish after years of hard work and study. I recall him badgering me time and time again about going to college and bettering myself and not to settle for being an enlisted airman.  And after much badgering by my sergeant to make something of my life. I went back to school in December of 1976, at San Bernardino, Valley College only after six months of joining the Air Force.  This is where I took college classes over the three and a half years in order to satisfy any undergraduate prerequisites for transfer into a 4 year college.  


After leaving the U.S. Air Force after my four years of service was completed in June 28, 1980 [Honorable Discharge]. I had applied for and was accepted to my dream school, the University of California, Los Angeles [U.C.L.A.] prior to being discharged from the Air Force. This was a full academic scholarship, which included room and board. I had to purchase my books of course, but I also had the G.I. Bill. I was discharged a month early, so I could attend the summer orientation program at U.C.L.A.. Now, that I think of it, that was very nice of them "military" to let me out early, because I don't think I would have lasted another 30 more days.

I almost forgot this part. When I left the U.S. Air Force and arrived at U.C.L.A., on registration day. I had to stand in line for almost and hour before I was able to reach the registration desk. This was in May of 1980. This caucasian female, after reviewing my acceptance letter, did not even look into her file or consult anyone, when she instantly told me that, "the school [UCLA] did not have any record of me being accepted and that I should leave". For a fraction of a second, I realized not only did I cherish the acceptance letter on UCLA letter head, which directed me to the same line every other student registering, was also standing in and the fact, I was discharged 30 days early from the U.S. Air Force and I had no where else to go. Then, she had the nerve to tell me further, that I was holding up the line and could I stand aside. Now, being really confused and irritated, I told her that I too have been standing in this line for an hour and they can wait just as I have done. I told her that I wasn't going anywhere and that she should get her supervisor. She was pouting because she knew I had a full scholarship. Now her supervisor was hearing the confusion and out appeared another caucasian female, and asked what seems to be the problem. I explained to her that this person, here, is telling me that my acceptance letter is no good. She took the letter from me, glanced at it, knowing what it was and rolled her eyes at the other caucasian female at the front desk. The supervisor responded,  Mr. Sinclair, I apologize, you are in a special pile and referring to the other person, "She knows this as well!". The supervisor said, Mr. Sinclair follow me, I'll take you where you need to go. The crowd in line cheered which made me feel I've entered into a different journey of my life. Sometimes I think back to this incident and wonder. How many African Americans, did she send away, and if I had left, where would I be know. This is just one example of structural racism, but, I would not be denied.


After spending the summer and an entire school year at U.C.L.A., I decided to transfer from a liberal arts program {History and French] to California State University, San Bernardino and at the time, it was a "college" and they called it, "Little Harvard". They had an excellent business program and small classes with hands on professors, who as a bonus kept regular business hours. The classes were about 15 - 20 students. It was a real challenge and treat, attending California State University, San Bernardino. I graduated with a dual Bachelors' degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and an Economics degree along with a Certificate in Financial Instruments. During the summer when I left U.C.L.A., I headed to San Bernardino because this is where I was stationed [Norton Air Force Base] during my tour in the service and I was familiar with the area. When I drove into San Bernardino, I saw a sign saying St. Bernardines Hospital. I later learned this was the hospital who denied admittance to entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., when he had a skiing accident which caused him to lose his eye. The story goes, that this hospital denied admittance to Mr. Davis for treatment because he was a "Negro". This delay in treatment is said to have caused him to lose his eye. Anyway, I drove into the driveway of the hospital and sought the direction of the pharmacy. I knocked on the pharmacy door, and the pharmacy director himself, by chance opened the door. His name was Gary, a caucasian gentleman. I introduced myself and told him of my credentials and he hired me on the spot. Now I had a job [a miracle] but no where to stay. I called around and one of my friends allowed me to stay on his couch for a couple of weeks, while I looked for an apartment. He was having marital problems at the time and I heard his wife, one day, tell him I had to leave.  I voluntarily packed up and left under good terms with my Air Force buddy.  I can't remember if I stayed with anyone else, but soon thereafter, I rented my own apartment in Loma Linda, California, where I stayed for about 7 years, got married and began raising two children and purchased my first home in Colton, California after completing college. 


My finance classes had about 13 people in it and when I graduated I learned that not many businesses hired African Americans in the financial field yet.  I was finally hired by a fortune 500 company in Anaheim, California as a financial planner/cost analyst, after seeking employment for eight months after graduation.  I sent out over 100 resumes by U.S. mail and interviewed with over 15 potential employers. I was told that was an excellent response rate to the resumes sent out. When hired, I was the only African American in my department which was the finance and cost control department, in control of 12 different engineering cost reporting departments. There were only two other African Americans in the financial reporting sphere of the company.  At first the team (4), I was hired into, was an older group of caucasian individuals, who didn't know what to think or how to act towards me, but in due course. I won them over and they began to accept me and train me properly. 

The manager who interviewed me for the position, did so in the lobby of the company. He first apologized to me for interviewing in the lobby because my name threw him off, I could tell. He couldn't tell my nationality by my name and the fact that I possessed two (2) degrees, a certificate and was a member of the U.S. military, threw him off. He didn't discuss my education or any of that. He talked the entire time, about my experiences in the Air Force. He said, he had always wanted to join the Air Force, but was unable to do so because he could not pass the physical. During the interview, he told me that if he took me up stairs there would be a big problem, being that I was African American and he didn't want to hear their mouth. He also said, that he was sick and tired off all the relatives being hired [nepotism] because he was not able to get any real work done and he wanted to change all that nonsense. Once again I was hired on the spot and it was this man, who taught me to be a strong financial analyst and a professional team leader. I stayed at this company for about 6 years and left because I got a phone call one day AND they made me an offer which I didn't refuse.


The voice said, Mr. Sinclair, we heard about you. I had just helped this company win a 100 million dollar contract. I was assigned to the proposal group because they were not winning bids causing the company to lay off engineers. They needed a cost analyst on the team until the proposal was prepared and completed. I spent countless hours crunching numbers for this winning proposal. He told me, that he was the Vice President of finance of a much smaller manufacturing contractor in El Monte, California and he asked me. How would you like to work for my company? We will pay you much more money! They needed someone to organize their engineering department and implement a cost control system. I worked for this company for only 8 months before resigning. Their business culture never made sense to me . Besides there being only one other African American female in the accounting department. I was the only African American male in this Company as well. On one occasion while walking down the corridors.  I heard a male caucasian manager say to another caucasian gentleman. "I have to get me one of them".  Before I left, Blacks' were popping up everywhere. After I left, my only friend from the company called me and told me, that police detectives came and walked the president and vice president out of the company in handcuffs. I responded, I always knew something wasn't right because their analysis of the data made no sense at all. It took me 8 months to find another position as a financial cost analyst.


I spent the next 6 years working in financial  management in the aerospace and commercial manufacturing setting, in Santa Monica, California. In the end, I resigned and began the full time study of law. This was an amazing position and an amazing opportunity where I found a home and enjoyed working on a daily basis. One day, the phone rang again, and a company in the valley called, saying I heard about your skills. "I would like to offer you a position as a financial manager at my company. I smiled inside and politely refused because I had already made up my mind to pursue the study of law. The person said, if you ever change your mind, please do not hesitate to call.


During these early years, my saving grace each time, was that, I also operated a part-time business, in personal financial planning, life insurance, securities, annuities, personal and business financial planning which included tax preparation. My business gave me a sense of independence and freedom because, I knew, I had a plan B. When times got tough, especially during times of unemployment. My part time business was a cushion which helped during hard times. At the end of this time period working for others, I finally reached the point where I was I was all in and I wanted to work for myself and law school began to call me. My part time business helped me make the transition into the study of law and In the end these skills complimented each other.


So, after working approximately 13 years as a corporate financial analyst and cost accountant and while operating my own financial services business. I began hearing the call into the study of law.  I didn't make it to medical school, so law was next on my "goal" sheet as an alternative. Law school took 3 years part time, working full time for one year, of that same time frame. It became overwhelming, so I had to cut some things back. I left my job and used my part time business to support me during this time. I had also managed to save some money. After leaving my job, I had only 2 years of law school remaining. After the first year, I let go over 300 clients both financial planning and tax clients. This I remember, was a very strenuous time period and only the Most High was able to pull me through because I was adamant about finishIng what I had started.


In June 1995, I graduated from the University of West Los Angeles, School of Law. After my second attempt, I managed to pass the California State Bar Exam and within one year later in June 1996, I was admitted to practice law before all the state and federal courts in the great state of California. My first attempt was missed by 6 points and it was very frustrating, but I didn't give up. I studied hard for another 6 months until the next testing cycle. My family and children suffered greatly with me during this period of law school because it took an extraordinary amount of my Time, Talents and Treasures. During this journey to better myself, I lost two (2) wives who could not sacrifice along with me. However, i encouraged both while married to continue their education and both wives have master's degrees and are doing well. I encouraged them as well because I always told them, if something happened to me, I want you to be able to take care of my children without going on welfare. During this time frame, my wives did not have to work, while nurturing our children, but each time when they were asked to work, they refused and decided to leave instead. The thing is that when I married each of them, they were working and when we got married they stopped working to raise the children, but when they decided to leave, they started working again!  All three children are doing well and I have two grandchildren at this point.


I have been practicing law now for over 22 years in the state of California. My experience has been in state and federal court litigation, personal injury, employment, bankruptcy, probate, trust litigation, trust administration, contracts, business formations, mediation and arbitration, just to name a few. This experience has given me a tremendous background to deal with people and their affairs. At or around June 18, 2008, I was ordained twice. Once as a nondenominational minister and Second, ordained as a Baptist Minister. Since then, after working with various other ministries, I have started my own online Ministry, called the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity. I have discovered that a lot of the problems facing individuals has a direct relationship with their level of education, discipline and commitment to success.

I believe in self improvement through self study and apprenticeship [chores] because no matter how many courses you take the bottom line is your self discipline and study habits. Surrounding yourself with equally focused and grounded individuals is a great help but the bottom line rests with you. In addition, I decided to create a business model that also focuses on honesty and integrity, while teaching the principles of capitalism in which we live and wish to thrive. I call this a 21st Century Ministry in Personal Growth and Development. I am dedicated to the development of the mind, body and soul of the individual. The technology we have today will allow me to distribute our ministry to millions of individuals, families, communities across the planet in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

As an indoctrinated species into glitz and glamour, we spend a lot of time with our mind on our money, but little or no time is spent on thinking about our personal growth and development while in the pursuit of financial gain and the security it can provide. This is our reality! This course is designed to plant seeds in order to teach us how to not lose our soul while we pursue the things of this world. I concentrate on minimalism, only the things which we need to survive [Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, Money, Sleep, Health and Wellness and MAAT]. Our objective is to restore the Home to its rightful place, as our first department of Health, Education and Welfare. When the home is destroyed so is the individual, family, community and society in which we depend. We must develop a collective vision of the future coupled with action. The lack of a properly structured education and poor financial education and management is a critical barrier to achieving our goals and eradicating the generational curse of poverty and despair within our person, homes, families and societies across the globe. All around us, you see individuals who work their whole life, receive large settlements, win the lottery, receive inheritances and who turn these precious blessings/resources into curses and don't know what has happened. How many times have you met someone, and they tell you, what they use to have, but they will never tell you about the poor decisions which led up to them losing everything?

So, in order that YOU may take the trial and error out of life and become even more successful. I have created a home study curriculum, whereby an effort is being made to transform, restore, and educate individuals, families and youth in spiritual, legal, financial, business and home economic matters. Over these 43 years since I first left home at the age of 18, what if, I had this information while growing up and when I turned 18, what a different use of the resources throughout life, instead of trial and error. And what if every child who turns 18 years of age in our community is equipped with this knowledge and supported by the rest of us. Get off the government dependency nipple and stand up and be counted. Give your children the opportunity to see life from a different perspective of strength and not poverty and despair. Give to your teens the ability to understand money before they get caught up in this rat race called "life". I assure you, that this material will help you and your family to become better focused and successful in life. I wish I had such a valuable course before I graduated high school, which had been taught in my home, like bible study. 


Every person before they get married should also take my series of life style courses in financial management before starting a family and/or business. This is an opportunity for both parties to get on the same page and get trained on becoming good partners and stewards of God's blessings.


This material is designed to train you and your next generation to receive and build upon the wealth that you have labored so hard to acquire and it will encourage them and educate them in the creation, accumulation and preservation of wealth while giving them direction and focus for the journey ahead, called "Life". Take this opportunity to encourage our aging parents in the importance of organizing their financial affairs and estates using wills, trusts, business entities and other instruments in order to preserve generational wealth. The scriptures instruct us on being a lender and not a borrower. It also instructs us to build a legacy in order to leave a legacy for your children. 


Professor Claud A. Sinclair, Esq.

Pastor of the Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity.



323 299 2509 Law Office message center.

This is step One of Twelve in our Personal Development Ministry. This will make an excellent family project for the summer. President Trump just stated, "the people are on their own"! It's time we get it together RIGHT NOW! ww.powerthroughunity.org

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